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Keyboarding is an important skill for students to develop.  In order to use the amazing resources available online and the digital tools in the classroom and everyday life, they must be able to keyboard.  Below is a link to the free online keyboarding resources selected for student use at each grade level.  The resources have been selected based on appropriateness and rigor.
Free online keyboarding resources by grade level
“We need to prepare students for THEIR future not OUR past.”
— Ian Jukes, Educator and Futurist

Most people agree that technology skills will be essential for every person in the 21st century.  It is hard to think of any career that does not require the use of technology.  Research has shown that technology skills are not effectively developed by teaching technology as a stand-alone class. Technology needs to be integrated into the daily activities of every classroom.  

Technology integration does not occur overnight.  Technology integration happens in distinct phases.  Initially, technology just replaces older tools.  Then, technology begins to replace tools because it is more efficient and effective.  Finally, technology allows teaching and learning to take place in new ways and expands the walls of the classroom to include the wider world. 

The resources below will allow teachers at each grade level to begin to integrate technology into regular instruction.   
Technology Skills Progression
The Technology Skills Progression lists the skills students need to develop at each grade level. 
Skills, Resources, and Classroom Activities by Grade Level

Grade        Resource and Classroom Activity List  Sample Lesson Plans    
 K  Kindergarten Resource and Activity List  About Me (ELA)
 1  First Grade Resource and Activity List  Around the World in a Glass Slipper (ELA)
 2    What's My Structure (Math)
 People Who Made America Great (ELA, Social Studies)
 5    Spring Break Trip (Math)
 7  7th Grade Resource and Activity List  
 8    Andrew Jackson's Facebook Page (ELA, Social Studies)
 9-10  9th and 10th Grade Skills and Resources  

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