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  • Elementary Speech Arts Festival 2016 Information Packet

    Tulsa Public Schools presents annually a speech arts festival to showcase the talents of students grades K-12th.  Each school manages their own festival in order to submit students to the district level competition.

    There are numerous opportunities to incorporate speech arts activities into any elementary level/subject lesson.  They could be focused around a school celebration or theme.  They could be used to add interest to any content area unit.  They could be used to make a piece of literature, an author, or literary characters come to life.  You may have an assembly to celebrate a holiday and include in it an assortment of short speeches.   Perhaps some students could speak about the person for whom your school is named.  Self-esteem units would lend themselves to having students speak on their personal hero or favorite game, music, or sport.  The possibilities are endless.  As an additional benefit, providing classroom opportunities for young speakers may give your students the opportunity to put listening and ‘good audience’ skills to use!


    Contact: Amber Harrington at harriam@tulsaschools.org

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  • Secondary Speech Arts Festival: Monologue Night
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