• Fine Arts Quick Facts


    Fine Arts Office

    JoAnn Caldwell, Elementary Fine Art Coordinator, 

    Joe Metzer, Secondary Find Arts Coordinator,


    Board Policy for Graduation Requirements

    For both Standard Diploma and Certificate of Distinction:

    2 Fine Arts Credits


    Board Approved Staffing Plan

    All elementary schools will be required to provide Art, Music and PE


    Fine Arts Advisory Board:

    Established in 2009 to audit the Fine Arts Programming and utilize community support to increase opportunities for teachers, students, and parents.   Current membership 310.


    Teaching Staff-FTE’s-204 FTE

    Elementary music-53

    Elementary art –35

    Secondary music-42

    Secondary art –27

    Secondary drama-6

    Secondary dance-3

    National Board Certified Teachers-3

    Orff Certified Teachers - 20


    Arts Integration Programs

    A+ Schools: 

    Chouteau Elementary

    Eugene Fields Elementary

    Grimes Elementary

    Grissom Elementary

    Mark Twain Elementary

    Owen Elementary

    Remington Elementary

    Robertson Elementary


    Harwelden Institute Schools

    Bunche ECDC

    Carver Middle School

    Chouteau Elementary

    Columbus Elementary

    Cooper Elementary

    Disney Elementary

    Eliot Elementary

    Emerson Elementary

    Eugene Field Elementary

    Grimes Elementary

    Grissom Elementary

    Lindbergh Elementary

    Porter ECDC

    Mark Twain Elementary

    Mayo Demonstration Academy

    Mitchell Elementary

    Robertson Elementary

    Sequoyah Elementary


    Fine Arts AP

    Students participated in 116 fine arts AP tests


    Fine Arts Magnet High School

    Central High School for the Fine and Performing Arts


    VH1-Save the Music Grants

    Academy Central Elementary

    Alcott Elementary

    Anderson Elementary

    Burroughs Elementary

    Celia Clinton Elementary

    Chouteau Elementary

    Columbus Elementary

    Emerson Elementary

    Eugene Field Elementary

    Hawthorne Elementary

    Kendall-Whittier Elementary

    KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory School

    Lee Elementary

    Madison Middle School

    McClure Elementary

    Patrick Henry Elementary

    Peary Elementary

    Penn Elementary

    Robertson Elementary

    Salk Elementary

    Sandburg Elementary

    Skelly Elementary

    Springdale Elementary

    Will Rogers College High School

    Whitman Elementary

    Wright Elementary


    Barthelmes Foundation Strings Programs

    Springdale Elementary

    Emerson Elementary


    District Fine Arts Bond Support

    1999 Bond-$305,000 for musical instruments

    2001 Bond-$2,000,000 for fine arts equipment and building additions

    2005 Bond-$1,500,000 for fine arts equipment and building additions

    2009 Bond-$2,400,000 for fine arts equipment

    In addition, auditoriums have been repaired in the Facility Bond

    TOTAL:  $6,205,000 since 1999 or 3.6% of the total bonds approved


    District Budgeted Support (annual)

    Clay order for all schools-$11,000

    Instrument repair for all schools-$80,000

    Music accompanist budget - $72,000

    Artist in the Schools program - $21,700

    Harwelden Institute program – $44,000

    Arts After School program - $3,300

    Speech Arts Festival - $1,000


    Significant Endowments and Grants

    Kravis Foundation $30,000 - $50,000 annually for summer arts camps

    Assistance League of Tulsa - $15,000 annually for music library, teacher grants and teacher recognition

    Kennedy Center for the Fine and Performing Arts-$20,000 annually for fine arts teacher professional development

    Levit Family Foundation - $6,000 annually for student awards and recognition/scholarship

    Oklahoma State Department of Education - $5,000 annually for fine arts assessment

    Kaiser Foundation $5,000 annually for teacher grants

    Rosalind Cook Award $1,500 annually for art teacher grants

    Hyechka Foundation Award $1,500 annually for music teacher grants

    Center of the Universe- $6,000 annually for music teacher grants

    Mr. Holland’s Opus Grant – $25.000 for Will Rogers College Junior/High School


    Kennedy Center Initiative:  “Any Given Child”

    Tulsa Public Schools was the fifth school district in the nation to receive Kennedy Center support through their “Any Given Child” program.  Partnering with Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa and the Tulsa mayor’s office, all K-8 students experience and arts-focus field study trip each year.

    Teachers also receive professional development opportunities in arts integration.


    Kravis Arts:  Spring and Summer

    Year-round learning in the arts is a district goal. Students may attend grades 1-12 fine arts programming offered at Will Rogers College High School and University of Tulsa Campus during sessions in spring and summer.  These classes are offered by certified faculty and university professors, and are aimed at providing advanced learning opportunities for students.


    Annual District-wide Fine Arts Events

    Fine Arts Convocation

    Metro Honor Orchestra

    Metro Honor Choir

    Metro Honor Band

    Metro Honor Jazz Band

    District Art Show

    Levit Prize for Excellence in Art

    Speech Arts Festival

    Elementary Music Festival

    Elementary Vocal Music Festival

    Elementary Art Show – “Catch the Spirit”

    District Band Festival

    District Choir Festival

    District Orchestra Festival

    District Jazz Festival

    NOADSO Regional Orchestra

    “Orff Alive” Summer Workshop






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