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Here you will find information about all areas of Fine Arts in the Tulsa Public School District including course offerings, calendar of events, and a variety of Fine Arts resources. The Fine Arts Department of the Tulsa School District includes the areas of music, visual art, dance and theatre arts.

OUR MISSION Tulsa Public Schools has long been known for the excellent quality of its Fine Arts Program. We believe that when students experience the creative arts process they learn new skills and knowledge that may benefit learning across the curriculum. Tulsa Public Schools is committed to the education of the whole child and as a component of that education believes that every student should have the basic knowledge, skills and appreciation of the fine arts. The arts encourage experimentation, nurture creativity, and an aesthetic sensitivity to life's experiences. Each child should be given the opportunity to develop his or her talent to the fullest.

The arts in all their creative forms are at the very core of all learning experiences throughout the Tulsa Public Schools system.  Recognizing the years of solid research that clearly demonstrate that when the arts are present in every classroom every day the atmosphere at the school is more creative, student test scores improve markedly, student behavior improves noticeably, absenteeism diminishes greatly, and students stay in school longer and are better prepared to enter college and the work force, the arts must be allotted both the necessary class time and financial resources.

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