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Vision Statement:

We believe that all Tulsa Public School students must have equal access to sustained, high quality learning in the visual and performing arts.  Every K-8th student should engage in live arts experiences through partnerships across the community with arts specialists and classroom teachers who integrate the arts into ongoing classroom learning and connect students to the world around them.  We value opportunities for all Tulsa children to create, communicate, and think in concrete and abstract ways.  For Tulsa children, families, and the community, the arts are essential.



Any Given Child is a national initiative of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. In May 2011, Tulsa was selected as the fifth city in the nation to participate in the initiative. The initiative is a joint partnership between The Kennedy Center, Tulsa Public Schools, The City of Tulsa, The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa and many other local Tulsa arts and cultural institutions. The first two years of the initiative were dedicated to planning under the guidance of the Kennedy Center. During the planning phase, the Tulsa Community Arts Team collected data to reflect the current state of arts education within TPS, crafted a Vision Statement and developed a strategic plan for Any Given Child-Tulsa Implementation. In 2016, AGC-T is entering year 4 of Inplementation in Tulsa Public Schools.

Any Given Child Kickoff Letter to TPS Educators

 Any Given Child-Tulsa is made possible through the generous support of:
Charles and Liynn Schusterman Family Foundation



 Past financial support has been provided by: 

Nancy and Ray Feldman WPX EnergyThe Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation



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